We control systems intelligently

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system as well as individual room control, swimming pool and sauna control, irrigation.

We regulate intelligently - Prenn GmbH

Smart Home

You can also control your home intelligently and thereby save not only energy but also money.

Smart Home - Prenn GmbH

Save energy & leave an ecological footprint

For a future fit for our grandchildren – operate your system sustainably and economically with our energy management systems.

Save energy - Prenn GmbH

We implement the projects

Control cabinet construction, control technology and building automation are our areas of expertise.

We realize it - Prenn GmbH

Elektro Prenn GmbH: control technology in Valdaora

Would you like to control your system efficiently? We will get it done!

Whether heating, ventilation or air conditioning, individual room control, energy management, as well as swimming pool, whirlpool and sauna controls – we develop the controls that are just right for your system! 

Whether a private household, a hotel, a company or a farm – we provide the controls for your system according to your wishes and expectations.

To ensure that you have a good overview of the entire system or systems, we have developed software which allows you to view every area of your system directly via any web browser. It doesn’t matter whether you are on site or not.

We and our employees can also log in at any time to provide the best possible support for your system via remote maintenance.

Does that sound good? Then take a look at our sample system.

Sample system

We are your technology partner for …

    When implementing your system, we build the control cabinet intelligently for the system to be controlled.
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    Save money and energy with our intelligent DDC systems, according to the usage requirements of your facility to be controlled.
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    Always be “up to date” with what’s going on in your system! No matter where you are, check and control your system via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
    More about Building automation
    In these times it is probably more important than ever that we are able to reduce our energy costs and thereby save MONEY and at the same time protect the environment. Rethinking to provide a future that is fit for our grandchildren is important to us.
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    Not only hotels control their systems, your home can also be controlled intelligently using Smart Home technology. Control your home in an intelligent and energy-saving way.
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