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Control cabinet construction

Control cabinet construction complete with planning, project development, DDC programming, installation and commissioning.

We supply the control cabinet for each individual system, including:

  • Control of heating, ventilation, cooling and swimming pool systems
  • Power distribution cabinets for photovoltaic systems
  • Control of biogas plants, hydroelectric power plants
  • Electrical distribution for domestic and industrial systems
  • Medium voltage systems with transformer
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Control technology

Based on the individual requirements of the systems to be controlled, a DDC system is selected and installed and wired in a control cabinet.

The selection of the components and their optimum use in the building processes are prerequisites for a perfectly functioning building control system.

Our systems give you the opportunity to automate your building in an optimum way in every phase, from heating, ventilation and cooling to swimming pool technology, lighting and shading.

Due to the modular structure of the system, extensions, conversions or new constructions on the building can be easily integrated into the existing automation system at any time. The “open” system also allows data to be exchanged with components from other companies.

A DDC system makes it possible to use your system economically and to operate it according to usage requirements.

Not only do you save MONEY in the form of personnel and energy costs, but you also increase your ecological footprint: For the environment and a future fit for our grandchildren!

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Building automation

Today, smartphones and tablets as well as an internet connection and constant availability are essential! A few years ago, however, things were very different.

Just as smartphones and the Internet have established themselves in our everyday lives, the visualisation system has also established itself as an indispensable tool in the daily process of building automation. Be it privately or in hotel complexes.

The clear graphical representation of the individual automation processes on a user-friendly user interface (Windows-based) makes handling child’s play and access control allows the operating elements to be configured individually for different users.

Error messages are displayed on the PC as soon as they occur, enabling rapid intervention. The system does not have to be monitored and controlled with the PC on site, but can also be controlled via the modem of any PC or laptop – also by us if desired.

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Energy management

On the one hand protect the environment, increase the ecological footprint and save money at the same time? That sounds like a win-win situation.

We plan and design your system sustainably and with systems that help you save energy and money.

More and more households and hotels are opting for the biological and ecological route, but why? A study reveals that three-quarters of holidaymakers are willing to pay more for overnight stays in a hotel if it is ecologically sustainable.

The smart systems regulate your heating, air conditioning or fan coil independently of staff and without any conversion work. Due to the high savings potential, the costs for the intelligent controls in the hotel are usually amortised within a year.

In addition to the heating and personnel costs that you save, you also reduce your CO2 emissions in the hotel. Thanks to the efficient use of energy, you contribute to the conservation of resources and climate protection in the hotel.

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Smart Home

A home that thinks for itself? I want that too!

Did I turn off the hob? Did I turn off the light? Should I raise or lower my blinds? But I’m not at home right now or I’m even on holiday …

No problem with the Smart Home systems! Control and regulate your lighting, blinds, heating, alarm system etc. easily via your smartphone and sit back and relax.

Whether it’s an office complex, an apartment or an entire residential property, we make your building smart.

No more unnecessary power consumption, because your building will think for itself!

These are your benefits

  • High energy efficiency by means of a smart system
  • Configure your home according to your needs and situation
  • No more analogue switches
  • Control via app